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Valparaiso is a port city on the central coast of Chile, located 90 minutes from Santiago International Airport (SCL). It is known for its steep funiculars and colorful, clifftop homes. Valparaiso is still a major stopover for ships traveling between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans crossing the Straits of Magellan, and was known by international sailors as "The Jewel of the Pacific". Its historic quarter was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. 



The Venue for the Workshop will be "Espacio Dinamarca" , located at one of the "cerros" ("hills"). 

As a touristic spot in Chile, Valparaiso offers a variety of lodging options, especially boutique hotels and hostals in the main cerros ("hills") such as "Cerro Alegre" or "Cerro Concepcion", nearby "Cerro Panteon where the venue is located. We suggest finding lodging through "". Examples:
Augusta Hotel
Hotel Boutique Acontraluz
Fauna Hotel
MM 450
Hotel Brighton
Other convenient hotels can be found at Valparaiso downtown, usually at walking distance (a few blocks) of the "cerros" and the venue.
Hotel Ibis Valparaiso
Hotel Diego de Almagro Valparaiso
Upscale hotels may also be found at neighbor city Vina del Mar, alhough it is 5km away, 15 minutes by car.

Within Valparaiso, the safest and easy option is to use Uber.
Valparaiso is accesible by a variety of ways from SCL or anyplace nearby a metro station in Santiago. Notive that SCL airport provides with a free wi-fi access.

From the Airport:
Taxi - Can be booked before exiting right after customs. Direct trip but very expensive (around US$150)
Transfer - Shared vans can be booked before exiting right after customs (US$50)
Bus - There are two options:
TurBus direct service to Valparaiso runs twice a day, at 10:30 am and 14:30 pm. (US$10)
Turbus airport service to Pajaritos Bus Station runs every 15 minutes. From Pajaritos Bus Station you also take another bus to Valparaiso.
Both options take between 80 -120 minutes and tickets can be bought at Turbus counter right after customs.

From Santiago:
Bus - Take Metro Line 1 up to "Pajaritos" station. Here, you can buy your ticket to Valparaiso at Turbus counter (every 15 minutes, US$8-12). From Valparaiso Bus Terminal you can take a taxi (US$4-5) or use Uber.

To Santiago or Santiago Airport:
Bus - Take a Bus from Valparaiso Terminal. You can take a bus to Pajaritos Station and then decide to take Metro Line 1 in case you are continuing to Santiago, or take the Airport Transfer from Turbus. If you are going to the airport, you can also take the direct service to the airport from Valparaiso that runs at 5:20, 10:55, 14:10 and 22:10.

There is a variety of FREE (tip only) walking tours in Valparaiso offered by:
Valparaiso is also known to be one of Neruda's inspiration places. His house "La Sebastiana" is now a busy but fun museum not that far from the venue.

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